Editor’s note | March 2024

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It’s been a while since I wrote an editor’s note for Strategic. In Q4 2023, we introduced a minimum viable product for an online marketplace. While the platform research and testing continues, we’re resuming our external focus on Strategic’s online magazine. Why? Because that is what it is best known for and there is an appetite for it. 

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What I found interesting during the past few months, since the online magazine scaled back somewhat, is the amount of enquiries that I received about it.
Strategic, as a brand, is synonymous with an online public relations and communications magazine for industry experts and business leaders. 

I started Strategic in 2020 as I have a passion for progressing and innovating the public relations and communications industry. Like many, I want to help strengthen its position at the leadership table so that people are empowered and equipped to make an organisation-wide impact. What better way to do that than by giving a stage to industry experts through which they can educate and influence decision-makers in organisations. 

To reinvigorate the online magazine, we’ll be reintroducing interviews and outlook pieces, and introducing new sections. In April, we’ll start a ‘day in the life’ style feature called ‘Beyond the brand (BTB)’. Anyone who knows me will hear me talking about how important it is to showcase the people behind a brand. In this new section, industry professionals will share both their business and personal interests — to add a more personable element to Strategic

A paywall will be reinstated for parts of the online magazine. This shows our commitment to placing value on not only the expertise shared by people in the industry, but also Strategic as a business. 

Strategic would not exist without collaboration and engagement with members of the public relations and communications industry. These relationships are at the core of what we do. With that in mind, I welcome thought-leadership style articles and press releases from public relations and communications practitioners, and trade organisations. 

A word that always resonates with me is ‘collective’. It is the foundation on which we build and grow — and this can only be achieved together. 



Orla Clancy

E: orla.clancy@strategic-hq.com