News | AMEC announces unprecedented education sponsorship

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Public relations students worldwide will gain an unprecedented opportunity this year to access the world’s leading conference focused on the critical PR topic of strategic communication measurement and evaluation.

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has announced a first-of-its-kind education sponsorship that will allow 200 public relations students and active PR educators teaching university-level PR classes to register for free, online access to its AMEC Global Summit content, following this year’s in-person event in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The 2024 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation – themed: ‘Innovation, Implementation and Insights: The Global Communication, Data, Measurement and Evaluation Journey’ – takes place May 21-23, 2024.

An unprecedented $25,000 AMEC Global Summit education sponsor commitment underwrites the inaugural SAREC Scholarship and 200 online passes for PR students and academics with verified university affiliations.

In comparison, student registration fees for the on-site/in-person AMEC Global Summit in Bulgaria are valued at £1.620,00 each (roughly equivalent to $2,017 U.S.).

University PR educators from across the globe also affiliated with any AMEC industry partner may apply for one of the available passes on the condition that the pass will be integrated into future classroom study available to the educator’s PR students.

Students and educators may apply for available passes through May 12, 2024, or until all passes have been distributed. An online application link is available at this link, which will be fielded and evaluated by AMEC staff. Content will be available for those granted the online passes, beginning with live coverage on May 22, 2024.     

Students awarded an online pass will be encouraged to author a bylined post submitted to the AMEC blog and posts on social channels sharing what they learned.

This year’s AMEC Global Summit will focus on communication reputation, innovation, implementation, and strategy, with keynote sessions, leading speakers, case studies and panel discussions.

“While nothing can replace the value of attending the on-site AMEC Global Summit in person, we know that many PR students don’t have the budget for international travel and associated costs,” said AMEC CEO and global managing director Johna Burke (pictured).

“Online access for PR students is the next-best thing, so we are pleased to offer this unprecedented opportunity for PR students to benefit from AMEC’s treasure trove of industry insights from our Global Summit,” Burke said.

SAREC winner Larry DeGaris said: “I am honored and delighted to be named the winner of the Scholarship for Academic Research in Evaluation of Communication. There’s an enormous gap between academic scholarship and practice. Kudos to the AMEC for stepping up to do something about it. I look forward to sharing my research in Sofia and invite my academic colleague to contribute to this welcoming and forward-thinking professional organization.”