News: In Truth launches to help businesses and brands keep track of their reputations on environmental sustainability

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WOMEN-OWNED business In Truth has launched to help businesses and brands keep track of their reputations on environmental sustainability. Companies are increasingly worried about their reputational liabilities on green issues; In Truth has responded to this by designing a service that canvasses stakeholders and dives deep into a brand’s media coverage to provide a truly comprehensive report on perceptions.

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Through this research, companies can understand how their messaging and initiatives are playing out – which are most salient, and which are being judged most positively. In Truth is also forensic in examining claims surrounding sustainability, so that any accusations of greenwashing are minimised.

Emma Steele (pictured), director at In Truth, explains how the landscape on sustainability planning has moved on, “We are entering an era where companies are putting messages about mitigating against the climate crisis front and centre of their campaigns. Understandably, though, there is often nervousness around making particular claims, particularly as the public are becoming more literate on green issues. In Truth gives companies the confidence to talk boldly and openly about sustainability, and helps broaden their sphere of influence with respect to positive action for the planet”.

She adds, “Being able to take a comprehensive read on what is and isn’t working – for both our clients and their competitors – means investment can be planned more wisely in terms of operations and initiatives, but also with respect to marketing and comms efforts. In Truth is quickly becoming the go-to tool for authentically managing sustainability reputation”.