News: Renna Markson appointed as managing director of PRCA

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THE Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has announced the appointment of Renna Markson (pictured) as its new managing director. This promotion comes as a recognition of her exceptional dedication and valuable contributions to the organization over the past few years.

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The new role of managing director holds significant importance within the PRCA structure, and Markson’s appointment is a testament to her desired professional development. Reporting to the incoming CEO, she will assume responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association and implementation of strategic plans that will further elevate the organization and benefit its members.

As the newly appointed managing director, Markson will foster a positive and thriving culture within the PRCA. She will provide leadership and guidance to the dedicated PRCA staff, prioritizing their wellbeing and professional development.

Additionally and with her keen eye for commercial activities and opportunities, Markson will also play a pivotal role in overseeing strategic initiatives in this area. She will work closely with various volunteer groups, fostering collaboration to support the activities and objectives of the PRCA. Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including members, sponsors, and partners, will be a top priority to ensure continued success.

Markson’s appointment as managing director underscores the PRCA’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent from within the organization. The PRCA and the management board will also begin the search for a CEO, further strengthening its leadership team and reinforcing its dedication to driving excellence in the public relations and communications industry.

Markson said, “I am honored and thrilled to take on the position of managing director at the PRCA. Over the years, I have witnessed the incredible impact this organization has had on the public relations and communications industry. I am eager to continue driving the growth and success of PRCA and its members, and I am committed to fostering a thriving community of professionals. With the support of our talented team and key stakeholders, we will shape the future of our industry and champion excellence in every aspect of our work.”

Sarah Scholefield, chair of the PRCA, added, “This role is perfect for Renna, allowing her to continue to make a huge contribution in driving the association’s growth and success, while also recognizing her value and skills in a position that allows her to thrive. Renna has worked tirelessly for the PRCA, both internally and externally, and I am delighted that this new role both recognizes that but also allows for further professional development.”