Views: Strategic communications on the cusp of reinventing itself

STRATEGIC communications isn’t just the “what” you say. Of course, the message is important. But anyone can throw together some communications tactics and call it a day, writes Jennifer Lemmert. When I’m planning a communications strategy, I look at who…

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Views: Strategic communications comes of age

STRATEGIC communications as a concept may be less than 20 years old, but there is growing recognition that disconnected, inconsistent messaging is undermining business perception and value, writes Anthony Monks, director, ITPR. A dedicated, sophisticated communications role, that pulls together…

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Views: Fulfil mission and business objectives with strategic approach to communications

STRATEGIC communications is the effective use of communication by an organization to fulfil its mission and objectives, writes Tina Quinn, director of strategic services at AM O’Sullivan PR. It involves the focused planning of communication activity across an organization – both…

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