Views: 5 tech trends to consider in your 2024 PR strategy

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CAPITALISING on emerging trends and hot topics is a fantastic way to get media coverage for your start-up or small business, writes Jane Griffin.

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If you’re planning your 2024 PR strategy, here are five tech trends that businesses like yours can leverage to generate positive PR and gain a competitive edge: 

Sustainability and green tech: We all know why we should be sustainable, and sustainability can be one of the easiest topics to get media coverage for. So, when developing your products and services, always keep sustainability front of mind. Also, try to factor sustainable practices into your work culture, which together with any eco-friendly initiatives will help your PR team to generate newsworthy pitches and features about your business.  

AI and machine learning: Chat GPT has helped artificial intelligence to become more widely accepted and many of us, including the media, are fascinated by its endless possibilities. So, look at how you could integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into your products or services. Explaining how these technologies could improve efficiency and solve complex problems could form the basis of an interesting feature for a trade magazine, for example.  

Robotics and automation: I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been asked by a national journalist if I had a story related to robotics that I could give him/her! So, if your business is in the right sector for this, think about how you could develop solutions that leverage robotics and automation for efficiency. Then demonstrate how these solutions could be a game changer for the manufacturing, transport, logistics or other relevant industries. 

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is non-negotiable. Let the media know about your commitment to robust cybersecurity measures and educate the public on how your products can address these critical concerns.  

Smart cities and infrastructure: The Smart Cities theme has grown exponentially since I first heard about it when I was working for the engineering company, Bechtel, circa 2011. If you’re involved in data, construction, engineering or transport (and anything in between!), think about how your business could contribute to the development of smart cities and infrastructure projects. How could you help to create safer communities, better urban transportation or improve the environment? How could your use of data help more accurate decision-making? 

Piggybacking on any or all of these five tech trends will help you to generate some easy PR for your business. Remember to tailor your PR strategy to your company’s unique strengths and values and keep an eye out for any new and evolving industry trends that will work for you.

Jane Griffin is a chartered PR practitioner, PR consultant, founder of Positive Story PR Consultancy and former BBC and ITN television news reporter.

She is passionate about helping sustainable tech start-ups, and engineering and infrastructure companies achieve their business objectives faster with strategic PR.

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